Basic Footcare Tips To Follow

18 January 2018
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When a person develops a serious issue with one or both of their feet, there are many disruptive problems and discomforts that this can create. Sadly, people are often very unaware of their options for protecting their feet against these problems. As a result, they may fail to use some of the more basic foot care tips and strategies.

Understand The Importance Of Wearing Supportive Shoes

There are many people that will greatly underestimate the importance of having proper fitting shoes that will also provide their feet with sufficient support. When individuals wear shoes that do not adequately support the arch of their foot, they may experience the painful problem of fallen arches, which can occur due to the muscles in the arch becoming too damaged or strained for prolonged periods of time. Additionally, if the toes are too crowded, it can cause you to experience painful ingrown toenails.

Pay Attention To Possible Foot Injuries

It can be common for individuals to fail to appreciate the warning signs that they have suffered a foot injury. Often, this will be due to individuals assuming that soreness in their foot is due to temporary strain. While it is normal to experience some tenderness after being on your feet for long periods of time, this should be fairly minor and it should fade within a few hours of being able to rest your feet. If you notice that your feet continue to be sore the following day, you should be careful to avoid overly straining them as this could contribute to worsening damage to the muscles, tendons or ligaments.

Clean Your Footwear

Failing to keep your footwear clean can expose your feet to a range of harmful bacteria and fungi. Eventually, this can result in the feet becoming infected or at a minimum the shoes developing very foul odors. Regularly cleaning your shoes will be essential for neutralizing these germs before they can reach a population that will pose a risk to your feet. When cleaning the shoes, you should follow the manufacturer's instructions so as to avoid accidentally damaging them. In addition to cleaning your shoes, it is imperative to always wear clean socks as dirty socks can introduce a large number of bacteria to the shoes.

Have Plantar Warts Removed As Soon As Possible

Plantar warts can be among the more common problems that your feet may experience. These painful warts are the result of an infection of the feet. Failing to have these warts removed can allow them to gradually grow in size. In addition to contributing to increasing your pain, this increase in size will also make the process of removing them more disruptive and painful. By seeking treatment early from a podiatrist, it may be possible to avoid the need to have them surgically removed.