3 Things You Need To Know After Your Foot Surgery

2 April 2021
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You may have had to have foot surgery for a number of different reasons. Maybe it was due to an injury, it could have been to help correct a foot issue that has been there for a long time, or you may have had to have foot surgery for other reasons. No matter what the reason, if you have to have foot surgery, you need to follow your physician's orders in order to get your foot to heal properly so you can go back to your life without pain in your foot. Read on for things you need to know after your foot surgery.

1. You're Going To Need Time To Heal

You aren't going to have surgery and the next day be all better. You're going to need time to heal after the surgery. Allow yourself this time to heal and to recover from your surgery. Give yourself time to rest and relax and give your foot a break, as well as the rest of your body, as this surgery is going to affect the muscles in the rest of your body as well. Don't push yourself too much, or you could end up reinjuring yourself.

2. Follow Your Doctor's Orders

Be sure to follow your doctor's orders that are given to you after you have had your surgery. If you are told that you need to wear a walking boot, or that you need crutches or a scooter, you need to follow these instructions. If you aren't able to drive, you shouldn't be driving. Not following the instructions given to you could cause a re-injury, or you could lengthen the time it takes you to heal and recover from this surgery.

3. Take Physical Therapy Seriously

If you are ordered to do physical therapy, be sure to do so and take it seriously. Don't just go through the motions either. You need to do the work and the exercises properly, or you aren't going to get the full benefits. If you are told to do things from home, be sure to do so. Performing this work at home and with the physical therapist will help to ensure you strengthen your foot and can also help to prevent future injuries.

If you are going to be going in for foot surgery, you need to know what to expect after the surgery. Talk to a podiatrist about what else to expect after foot surgery to help ensure you heal properly.