What To Do If You Have Foot Pain

11 October 2021
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Foot pain is something that can be treated with daily changes to your routine, or sometimes the foot pain needs to be treated with medical procedures and medication. If you have pain in your feet, you should try to make changes first to see if those small changes help your feet heal. Sometimes the pain may be caused by something you are doing or not doing in your day-to-day routine. Read on for a few things you may be able to do to treat your foot pain.

Stretch Your Feet

Stretching can alleviate pain as you are loosening your joints and ligaments in the body to allow them to move freely without pain. If you don't stretch often enough, you could be experiencing pain because of it. Stretch your feet and ankles while sitting at night relaxing. It only takes a few minutes and it can help immensely. Point your toes towards the floor and up to the ceiling for a stretch in your ankles and your arch. Roll your ankles clockwise and then counterclockwise. Then practice picking things up with your feet or rolling your arch with a bottle of water. You can also stretch your arch by pressing the ball of your foot into the wall. Repeat on the other foot. Stretching will keep your ligaments loose and can also loosen tight arches.

Wear Better Shoes

Wear shoes that fit your feet properly and offer support and cushion for your heels and arches. Be sure your shoes are the right size, as shoes that are too small or too large can be painful for your feet. If your shoes are flat and don't have arch support, they can cause you foot pain. You should also wear shoes that stay on your feet and that you don't have to struggle to walk in.

Lose Weight

If you are overweight, it can lead to foot pain, as the extra weight you are carrying around is going to be harsh on your feet. It can cause you to walk differently as well, which can also lead to ankle, knee, or hip pain. Lose weight to help alleviate the pain in your feet.

If you have foot pain, you should make an appointment with the podiatrist for treatment, but in the meantime, you can try the above-mentioned to see if it helps your foot pain. Visit a website like https://www.familyfootcenter.net/ to schedule an appointment with a foot doctor.