Bottom Of Foot Hurting? What Can Cause This And Treatment Options

2 December 2022
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If the bottom of your foot is hurting this can be caused by many things. Below is information about three of these things, as well as treatment options available to help you feel better. 


If you exercise a lot, such as jogging or running, playing tennis, or other sports, this could be the cause of your foot pain. This is especially true if the shoes that you are wearing fit too tight. This can also be caused by a condition called Morton's neuroma. This condition is due to a lot of pressure on the bottom of your foot when exercising, running, etc. which affects the nerves that lead to the toe. This causes a sharp pain that shoots along the foot. 

The treatment to this is purchasing shoes that fit you correctly. If you continue to have pain, contact a podiatrist. They may suggest that you wear orthotics, which is putting an insert inside of your shoe to give your foot more support. 

Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis can also cause pain in the bottom of the foot. With this, you will have the most pain around the arch and heel. You can take care of this with self-care in many cases, including resting and raising your foot, using an icepack, and stretching exercises. 

If you continue to feel pain, see a podiatrist for treatment. They will show you different exercises you can do to help with the pain. They can also recommend the right shoes you should wear as well as insoles you can put inside your shows. In most cases, your pain will go away within a few weeks. If you continue to feel pain, the podiatrist may suggest that you have surgery. 

Fallen Arches

Another thing that can cause pain in the bottom of the foot is fallen arches. Stand bare feet and look in the mirror. You should see an arch on your feet, which is like a curve. These are tendons that attach your heel to the bones in your feet. The tendons pull enough to provide your foot with the right arch. If the tendons do not pull enough, you will have little or no arch at all. This is also commonly referred to as flat feet. 

A podiatrist can treat you for fallen arches. They may start by giving you pain relief medication and sending you to a physical therapist. A physical therapist can teach you stretching exercises to help with this. The doctor may ask you to wear orthotics and may give you a corticosteroid injection. If you still feel pain, the doctor may suggest surgery to repair the tendons on the bottom of your foot. 

Reach out to a podiatrist for more information and help.