Ankle Replacement | FAQs For Prospective Patients

14 December 2018
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Take a look at the joints that support you while you walk or stand, and you will see that the ankles have a very important job to do. If something goes wrong with your ankle joints, you can be dealing with severe impairments in your mobility or your ability to simply stand at all. Thankfully, just as the knees and hip joints can be replaced, so can the ankles. However, ankle replacement surgery is not something that a lot of people know about. Read More 

3 Types Of Podiatry Clinical Trials You Should Consider

23 September 2018
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When you think of clinical trials, you may not consider research in the area of podiatry. Fortunately, there are many clinical trials for different foot ailments that might give you the opportunity to try a new treatment option. 1. Bunions Many people will eventually develop bunions, either because of degenerative changes in the foot or wearing the wrong footwear for many years. When bunions become severe, a bunionectomy might be the only remedy to reduce pain. Read More 

Are Your Shoes The Reason for Your Foot Pain? Tips to Help You Choose the Right Type of Footwear

11 July 2018
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Depending on the activity you're doing, your feet may be in pain, such as standing on one spot for too long, or walking all day long at your job. This is a common problem with most people that are on their feet a lot. If you're experiencing foot pain when you aren't on your feet for this long though, it may be a problem with your footwear. You may be wearing the wrong type of shoes for your feet, or for the activity you're doing. Read More 

Caring For Your Ankles And Feet The Way You Should

1 February 2018
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Learning more about your ankles and feet can be the trick to avoiding issues in the future. This guide can be a great place to start; it will give you some basic information on foot care and things that can put you at greater risk of problems. The shoes you wear really matter Many people choose their shoes depending on what style they like. They may even walk around in pain as long as they feel the shoes help to complete their outfit. Read More 

Care For Your Foot After Injuring It With A Falling Object

27 January 2018
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You try to be careful on a daily basis so that you do not become injured, but unfortunately to your dismay, a heavy vase fell onto your foot while you were rearranging furniture in your living room. Now you are having difficulty walking, and your foot has begun to swell and is showing signs of bruising. Use the tips below to care for foot injuries during the healing process.  Take A Load Off And Apply Some Ice Read More