Neuropathy Treatments that Change Lives

28 March 2024
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Foot health is often a silent companion to our daily steps, moving us forward without much fanfare until something goes amiss. If you've ever experienced the stabbing pain, tingling, or numbness of neuropathy, you know just how critical those unsung heroes of mobility—your feet—truly are. It's time to cast a spotlight on a revolutionary wave of neuropathy treatments that are restoring comfort, ease, and vitality for those who've had their lives momentarily derailed by foot-related nerve damage. Read More 

Foot Care For Diabetic Ulcers

26 July 2023
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Foot ulcers can occur in people who have long-standing diabetes or in people whose diabetes is not properly managed. In addition to an increased risk for cardiovascular disease, stroke, and kidney problems, diabetics may be at risk for developing foot ulcers. If proper diabetic foot care is not implemented, complications such as infection, pain, and muscle and bone damage can occur. Here are some diabetic foot care interventions your podiatrist may recommend to help heal the wounds on your feet. Read More 

Bottom Of Foot Hurting? What Can Cause This And Treatment Options

2 December 2022
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If the bottom of your foot is hurting this can be caused by many things. Below is information about three of these things, as well as treatment options available to help you feel better.  Overuse If you exercise a lot, such as jogging or running, playing tennis, or other sports, this could be the cause of your foot pain. This is especially true if the shoes that you are wearing fit too tight. Read More 

3 Powerful Ways Custom Orthotics Can Improve Life

6 April 2022
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Some individuals have a difficult time standing on their feet for long periods of time. This can negatively impact their lifestyle because it may be painful for them to stand or use their feet. Sometimes the pain extends beyond the feet and may also impact the ankles. There are a variety of things that can lead to this phenomenon. Some individuals use orthotics to manage their pain. However, there are different types of orthotics, so choosing the correct type is essential. Read More 

What To Do If You Have Foot Pain

11 October 2021
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Foot pain is something that can be treated with daily changes to your routine, or sometimes the foot pain needs to be treated with medical procedures and medication. If you have pain in your feet, you should try to make changes first to see if those small changes help your feet heal. Sometimes the pain may be caused by something you are doing or not doing in your day-to-day routine. Read on for a few things you may be able to do to treat your foot pain. Read More