Do You Have a Chronic Open Sore on Your Foot? 3 Things to Address Immediately with a Podiatrist

26 January 2018
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Do you have an open sore on your feet that you can't get to heal, and you worry that it may be some type of chronic fungal or bacterial infection, you want to see a foot specialist. Go to a podiatrist to see what's wrong with the foot and the area.

Talk with the foot specialist about the following things, and then consider doing preventative and precautionary measures to make sure that this doesn't become a problem again.

Immediate Wound Treatment

The most important thing is that you get the wound treated right away. The podiatrist may require that you:

  • Go on an antibiotic
  • Treat the wound with an antibacterial or fungal cream
  • Dress the wound to cover it

Before starting treatment the podiatrist will probably take a cell sample so they can see if the can diagnose the exact type of infection that it is. They may want to do surgery to remove some of the infection if it's severe enough.

Treatment for Others

Not only will you have to treat your own foot, but you also may have to treat your home, and others in the family that look like they have the same condition developing will have to treat their feet. You want to make sure to use commercial grade disinfectant on all the surfaces of the home and the showers, and you should have the carpeting clean. Any shared shoes or items should be tossed.

Start New with Footwear

You want to get all new socks and shoes, so that you don't run the risk of getting the area infected again. This may seem costly at first, but its well worth the investment. This includes all footwear, including specialized sports items like cleats, water shoes, or anything else that you have. Changing your bedding may also be ideal.

You don't want to risk the infection spreading into your blood if it hasn't already, and you want to go directly to a food specialist if this sore has been a chronic problem that you can't treat. There are a lot of services like East Village Foot & Ankle Surgeons that are able to treat this problem properly, and can help you prevent it from spreading on the other feet. Don't put anyone in your houseful at the risk of catching the infection or problem by not treating it, and don't wait until you risk the chance of permanently damaging the skin on the foot, or even worse.