Care For Your Foot After Injuring It With A Falling Object

27 January 2018
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You try to be careful on a daily basis so that you do not become injured, but unfortunately to your dismay, a heavy vase fell onto your foot while you were rearranging furniture in your living room. Now you are having difficulty walking, and your foot has begun to swell and is showing signs of bruising. Use the tips below to care for foot injuries during the healing process. 

Take A Load Off And Apply Some Ice

If a family member is present, ask them to provide you with support as you are led to a chair or couch so that you can get off of your feet. Otherwise, do your best to hobble or crawl over to a seat. Inspect your foot by trying to move your toes and twist your foot from side to side. If you are able to do both of these, your foot is likely not broken, which is a good sign.

Fill a plastic bag with crushed ice and wrap the bag in a soft cloth. Hold the cloth-covered bag against the injured part of your foot for several minutes so that swelling begins to subside. The coolness of the ice will numb your foot so that pain isn't excruciating. 

Wear A Cushioned Sandal And Avoid Placing Strain On Your Foot

Rest as much as you can while you are not required to be on your feet, and take an over the counter pain medication if you experience pain that was not alleviated by the ice. If you are going to need to show up for your job, or if you have other duties that require being on your feet, purchase a gel-cushioned sandal to wear on the foot that is injured.

A sandal will have an adjustable strap that will allow you to loosen or tighten the footwear until it is comfortable. A gel insert will provide a cooling sensation that will help you remain comfortable while on the go. Avoid wearing tight shoes or placing strain on your feet during the day. As soon as you get home, remove the sandal and prop your foot up.

Meet With A Podiatrist If Your Foot Is Severely Injured

If you cannot move your toes, or if the pain you are experiencing is extreme, you should schedule an appointment with a podiatrist. A podiatrist will examine your injured foot and will be able to determine how severely it is injured. A podiatrist may recommend that you wear a cast or that you have a surgical procedure performed to assist with the healing process. Otherwise, a podiatrist may prescribe ointments or medication that will help lessen pain and promote healing.