Caring For Your Ankles And Feet The Way You Should

1 February 2018
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Learning more about your ankles and feet can be the trick to avoiding issues in the future. This guide can be a great place to start; it will give you some basic information on foot care and things that can put you at greater risk of problems.

The shoes you wear really matter

Many people choose their shoes depending on what style they like. They may even walk around in pain as long as they feel the shoes help to complete their outfit. However, this is really not the way you want to go about selecting your next pair of shoes. It's important that you wear shoes that support your ankles, don't put unnecessary stress on any part of your foot, and that help to give the arch of your foot proper support. Some shoes should be avoided as much as possible, such as flip-flops, high heels, and shoes with flat insoles.

Genetics can play a big part of foot problems

If your close relatives suffer from certain foot conditions, then the risk is higher for you to develop them as well. If you know you are more prone to developing certain issues, then prevention will be more important than ever. You want to work closely with your foot and ankle specialist to take extra steps to avoid developing the issues you have to be concerned with.

Your daily lifestyle can greatly affect your feet

If you are a runner, have a position where you stand all day, are overweight, or have a job where you spend your days walking on hard ground, then you want to make sure you limit your chances of foot issues setting in. Take steps to rest your feet by making use of any opportunity to sit if being on your feet is the issue. Work with your physician to get to a healthier weight if that's more what you are dealing with. You can also purchase inserts you put in your shoes to give you even more arch support and cushion than the shoes already have in them.

Baby your feet in the evening

Once you are done with your day, take some time to pay attention to your feet. You can use a foot spa to soak them and apply a lotion that's designed for feet and massage them. Give your feet some time at the end of the day to breathe without shoes on when you are at home.