Are Your Shoes The Reason for Your Foot Pain? Tips to Help You Choose the Right Type of Footwear

11 July 2018
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Depending on the activity you're doing, your feet may be in pain, such as standing on one spot for too long, or walking all day long at your job. This is a common problem with most people that are on their feet a lot. If you're experiencing foot pain when you aren't on your feet for this long though, it may be a problem with your footwear. You may be wearing the wrong type of shoes for your feet, or for the activity you're doing. Read on for tips to help you choose the proper footwear to prevent pain and injury.

Look for Supportive Shoes

The shoes you wear should have enough support in the arch. Arch support will prevent falling arches and prevent heel pain as well. If the shoes you have don't include an arch support or enough cushion, you can add insoles to your shoes to help with this. Insoles can be found at your local pharmacy, shoe store, or you can talk to your podiatrist about what type of insoles are best for your shoes.

Invest in New Athletic Shoes

Athletic shoes can wear out easily, even if they still look like new. The insoles may not be as supportive, and the sides of the shoes could become flimsy and worn over time, making them not as supportive as they once were. Professionals, like those at know that this can lead to arch or heel pain. Without the support of the sides of the shoe, you could also end up spraining an ankle. Invest in new athletic shoes at least once per year or more often if you use them often, especially if you're an avid runner.

Keep Heels Low

High heels can leave your entire foot sore. The higher the heels, the more foot and ankle problems you will end up with. Your toes are going to have a lot more pressure put on them, as well as the pads of your feet. There is no arch support in high heels, and your ankles are kept at an odd angle, which can put a lot of stress on them. Don't wear heels that are over two inches high and never wear stiletto heels, a chunkier heel will help keep you balanced and prevent ankle injuries.

Toss Flip Flops

Flip flops may be a cheap sandal for summer, but it's an injury waiting to happen. Flip flops have no support at all for your feet and leave them open and exposed to bacteria or objects that can injure them. Invest in some other type of footwear for summer such as sandals with ankle straps and toe straps, and a supportive sole. 

Your shoes may be the reason why your feet are hurting you. Talk to your podiatrist about your foot pain and what type of shoes are best for your feet.